A student whose clothing violates the dress code will be disciplined according to the standards below:



Listening Devices/Headphones (Ex. Headphones, Ear Buds, etc.) will also follow the Dress Code Standards. Teachers reserve the right to allow/disallow use in the classroom. Use in the hallways, lunchroom, etc. is prohibited.


1st offense- the student will be sent to the office and will be given the opportunity to correct the violation and parental contact. If the violation can’t be corrected, the student will be sent home or placed in ISS until a parent comes to the school to remedy the issue.


2nd offense- the student will be placed in ISS for one (1) school day and parental contact or Corporal Punishment (x2).


3rd offense- the student will be assigned ISS for three (3) school days and parental contact.


4th offense- the student will be assigned OSS for two (2) school days or Corporal Punishment (x3) and parental contact.


5th offense- Administrative discretion; possible extended placement in ISS or Alternative School