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Subjects Taught
Algebraic Connections

  • Master's Degree - Mathematics Education, Columbus State University (formerly Columbus College), 1995
  • Bachelor of Science - Communications (Broadcasting), University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1977
  • High School - Bearden Senior High School, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1973



I began teaching at Smiths Station High School in the fall of 1998.  Prior to that, I taught a year at Tallassee High School, and had done a couple of years' of substitute teaching in the Auburn / Opelika school systems.  I taught 5 1/2  years at Kendrick High in Columbus. 

After graduating from Bearden High School in 1973, I earned my BS degree in Communications from the University of Tennessee, graduating in August of 1977.  As a military scholarship graduate, I fulfilled a five-year commitment to the United States Army as an infantry officer.  After IOBC (Infantry Officer Basic Course), Ranger School, and Airborne School, I was ordered to Germany, where I led a mechanized infantry platoon and heavy mortar platoon as a member of 3rd Battalion, 36th Infantry, 3rd Armored Division, stationed near Frankfurt.  Returning home, following IOAC, I finished my five-year duty as an instructor for the Infantry School, where I was awarded an Army Commendation Medal. 

After a short stint as a real estate property manager, I spent the next several years as a trainer with Loral Electro-Optical Systems, based first at FT Benning, GA, then at FT Riley, KS.  I taught small unit leaders and their troops how to use the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) in their training exercises.   When the Army did not renew the contract, I headed back south (where I belong) and began my new mission from God:  Teach! 

This year, I will be sponsoring the Young Republicans!