EZ Tickets (pay your fees on online)
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Ez Ticket
Ez Ticket
(Pay your fees online)



Each course that requires a fee is listed as an “event”. To pay a course fee you are going to “buy a ticket” for that course/event.




·         Using your student’s schedule as a guide, determine which courses require a fee. Courses with required fees will have a $ after the course name.


o   Click on the course/event (Example : Accounting/Wilkerson).

o   A box will pop up showing two dates (August 01 is for fees for first semester, terms 1 and/or 2 and January 01 is for fees for second semester, terms 3 and /or 4).

o   Click on Buy ticket now for the correct semester as reflected on the student schedule.  

o   This will bring up a confirmation screen that will display course/event, teacher and semester. Verify that information is correct and click on Click Here to Continue. If you need to make changes use the Back to Main Menu button.

o   Verify again that the information is correct and enter “1” as the quantity in designated box and click the Continue button.

o   This will bring up the user account screen and as a new user click on Set Up New Account under New Users or log in using the information you set up previously.

o   Verify all information and click the Add to Cart button.

o   Answer the questions using student full name (first middle last) and grade level AS SHOWN ON SCHEDULE and Submit.

o   Review transaction. If you need to pay additional course fees click Add More Events or Tickets button and repeat steps above. If you are finished click Check Out Now button.

o   Continue to follow all prompts and complete transaction using your debit/credit card.

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