Do You Want To Improve Your Math Skills?
Posted On:
Friday, October 24, 2014
SSHS Has the Assistance You Need to Improve in Math

Do you need extra help in your math class?

There are resources available to you at SSHS.

Your math teacher is available to give extra help to you, either before or after school or, possibly during lunch. Simply talk to your math teacher to schedule an extra study session with him or her. They will be glad to help you improve your math skills.

There are also student math tutors available as well. The math teachers and the counselors have a list of student Mu Alpha Theta {a math honors society} tutors available. These student tutors are available for after school hours tutoring sessions for a small fee.

If you feel like you need that extra help to improve your math skills at SSHS, please use these assistance resources available to you.


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