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Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

 Welcome to Smith Station High Schools MCJROTC program! We take pride in our program as well as our cadets. We expect every cadet to mantain high standards of morals and values. Honor, Courage and Commitment are words that each cadet must practice and adhere to daily. Cadets are tested both physically and mentally.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays (Academics - subjects covered Marine Corps History, Customs, Leadership, and Uniforms)
  • Thursdays (Uniforms, Drill and Ceremonies - weekly uniform inpsections, individual drill without arms for LE 1's, drill with arms for LE 2's, and Squad and Platoon drill for LE 3's and above)
  • Tuesdays and Friday (Physical Fitness PT - includes Daily 7 warm up exercises, a run [starting at 1/2 mile to 3-4 mile by the end of the semester], Lunges, Sprints, Abdominal Exercises, Step ups & Jump ups, Pullups, Dips, and Pushups)

Each cadet is graded in 4 areas weekly:

  1. Academics - 30% (2 grades per weekly, quizes right after a period of instruction)
  2. Uniforms and Drill - 30% (Wednesdays, uniform, haircut {Must meet Marine Corps GroomingStandards])
  3. Physical Fitness - 20% (2 grades per weekly, Dressing out and particpating)
  4. Leadership - 20% (1 grade weekly, base on followership, cooperation, and initiative)

Major W. K. Bolden

United States Marine Corps (Retired)