Areopagus- Literary Club

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General Information

To promote the appreciation of literature; discuss works of literature not discussed in classes; gain college class experiences; provide services to promote awareness of literature to the school. Areophagus is the name of the hill directly behind the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. A council of 30 philosophers met there to discuss the issues of the day.




  • Must be a Senior (25) or junior (5) with top averages on applications, which measure grades 
  • Good teacher recommendations
  • Must pass tests on reading, attend meetings and projects


Annual events include


  • Visit plays at Alabama Shakespeare Festival
  • Christmas party to give books to children
  • End of the year book swap

Membership fee


$20.00 (includes t-shirt and pin) Fall induction of members.




Mrs. Jennifer Byrd

Contact: Club President  (to be elected in the Fall)