Library Forms  
2nd Semester 2017 Library and Lab Visits for Classes Request Form 1/2/2017

To schedule a class visit to the Panther Media Center, one of the computer labs, or the use of a laptop or chromebook cart, please complete this form, print it out, and submit it to a media specialist.

Be sure to follow the SSHS Library and Computer Lab Scheduling Policy.

Approved requests will be posted on the Panther Media Center Webpage calendar within 24 hours of approval.

Before School Media Center Student Pass 8/22/2016

 Before School Media Center Student Pass

Print out as needed and complete one for a student who needs to come to the library from 8:15 to 8:35 the next morning.

The student must come to the school entrance through the commons and present the pass to the teacher at the school entrance door in front of the media center.


If student leaves before 8:35 bell, student will escorted to commons entrance door in front of media center and exit the school.

Computer Labs Seating Chart 8/22/2016

Computer Lab Seating Chart

You must print out and complete a computer lab seating chart for EACH period that your class is in a computer lab.

Turn in all of your completed seating charts at the end of the last period you are using a computer lab into Mr. Pickard. {These are filed in case there are any questions about the condition of the lab or computers.}


Panther Media Center Class Library Request Scheduling Policy 8/24/2016

Panther Media Center Library and Lab Visit Scheduling Policy

This policy covers the procedures for scheduling visits for entire classes to come to the Panther Media Center or any available computer lab to complete class projects. This policy includes scheduling limitations to insure that faculty members, subject areas, and students have equitable access to the Panther Media Center and all SSHS computer labs.

Individual Student Library Pass 8/22/2016

Please print out, cut into individual passes, and send a PMC pass with the students that you are sending to the Panther Media Center.  They may checkout or return books as well as work on a class assignment or project.

The maximum number of students that can be sent at one time is four (4).  The maximum amount of time they can stay in the Panther Media Center is twenty (20) minutes.

Students must be bring assignment/project guidelines with them to show what they are working on, so that the Panther Media Center staff may assist them if needed.

If students do not have an official Panther Media Center pass, they will be sent back to you. {This is to cut down on fake/forged teacher passes.} Please do not send items that are your "hall pass".

Please do NOT send students during homeroom or panther periods!

Links to SSHS Cybersafety Training Videos 2/3/2013

To open this form, to NOT enter a password, simply click on OPEN.

Use this form to access and view the two SSHS Cybersafety videos by holding the control {CTRL} key down and clicking on the video title in blue. The video should open and play.