What's New in the Panther Media Center? 

 Panther Media Center Now Has eBooks

The Panther Media Specialists are proud to announce a new addition to their print book catalog. It is called Lee County Overdrive Digital Library and is available to all Lee County Schools students and faculty.  Overdrive is an internet-based “library” of ebooks that can be downloaded and read on all electronic devices from smartphones, iPads, Kindles, other eReaders, to laptop computers.

To learn how to use the Lee County Overdrive Digital Library, scroll to the top of this webpage and click on the "Presentations" tab that is located beneath LIBRARY. On the presentation page, find "SSHS - How To Use the Lee County Digital Library" and then click on the word "Presentation" in blue. This will open the powerpoint. To move through the presentation one slide at a time. Click on the downward arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar on the right side of the screen.

If you need them, there are printable "Getting Started Guides" for various devices, click on FORMS tab beneath LIBRARY. There will be list of the Getting Started Guidelines that can be open and printed out.

The Lee County Digital Library powerpoint and “Getting Started Guides are also available on the SSHS Media Center Students Moodle page. There are several forums in Moodle for discussing the Lee County Digital Library and eBooks.

To access this eBook Library, click on this link:

  This library can be accessed 24/7…ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!!

 If you need assistance with using the Lee County Digital Library, please feel free to contact either SSHS media specialists via Lee County email.


                                    Vision Statement:

In collaboration with the school's learning community, the Panther Media Center will be the center of teaching and learning by providing access to quality collections and technologies and by extending services beyond the Panther Media Center's four walls and the school day.

Mission Statement:

The Panther Media Center supports the Smiths Station High School's instructional program to improve student learning and student achievement by:

  • Ensuring learners will be able to independently inquire, think critically, and gain, create, and share knowledge.
  • Providing real and virtual access to appropriate, high-quality resources and services during and outside the school day.
  • Participating in curriculum development and design of learning activities.
  • Facilitating professional development for the learning community.

Hours of Operations:

Monday - Friday 

Morning Hours - 8:20 a.m. - 8:40 a.m.

{Must have Teacher-Issued Library Passes 

and Enter Through Courtyard Doors}

School Hours - 1st through 4th Block including Lunch Times

{Teacher-Issued Library Passes With Purpose of Visit Required}

Afternoon Hours - 4:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

{No Passes Required}


  • Must have official library pass signed by teacher during school day. 
  • Must sign-in/sign out at front desk during school day
  • No food, drinks, gum are allowed in library
  • No cell phones or I-Pods are allowed in library
  • Books bags must be left at check in desk


Panther Media Center Cybersafety Training

In order to insure that Smiths Station High School students understand how to use Lee County Schools and the internet safely and ethically, the Panther Media center has created a cybersafety training powerpoint.

To view the cybersafety training powerpoint, scroll to the top of this webpage and click on the "Presentations" tab that is located beneath and to the left of "Library". On the presentation page, find "SSHS Cybersafety Training" and then click on the word "Presentation" in blue. Click on the "Open" button and then click on the "Read Only" button. {Do NOT enter a password!}. The powerpoint should now open.

Once the powerpoint opens, click on the "Slideshow" tab and then click on "From Beginning" tab to start the slideshow. To go the next slide, simply press ENTER.